Thursday, August 2, 2007

Learning How to Blog

I'm pretty computer savvy, spending a lot of time on the Internet and my husband being in the computer field. I've had personal websites, professional websites...I've done research...I make purchases...I like playing on-line games...I have visited chat rooms and message boards before...I sell handmade items on-line, too ( and

So you would think I would know what to do with a blog! sss

But I don't. This is a totally foreign concept to me. Maybe I'm too old - maybe I jumped on the bandwagon kind of late in the game, I don't know. What is a blog supposed to be? An on-line journal? A way to advertise your business? A place to make friends? And who reads blogs? Other bloggers? People looking for on-line pals with the same interests? People visiting just to promote their own businesses?

I'm not sure why I'm starting a blog. I guess since everyone is doing it, I feel like I ought to give it a shot myself. I hope I get better at it soon. Oh, well, signing off now - I suppose I'll be back later, lol.

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