Sunday, February 19, 2012

Collecting Coins Can Be Girly!

The title of this blog is "I Sell Girly Stuff," and when I started to take an interest in coins, I thought I ought to change it if I ever try to sell any here, but then I thought, why CAN'T collecting/buying/selling coins be girly, too?  Anyone can do it, girls included!

Have you ever been to a coin show?  It's been a few years for me, but as I recall, the majority of booths were run by men, and most of the buyers were men, too.  I wonder why?  I know that when my husband became interested in coins, I only half paid attention, but now that he has a few that he'd like me to sell fo him on eBay, I'm suddenly very interested, and am learning more than I ever thought possible about certain coins, and I hope to learn more!

Right now I have several coins up for auction on eBay... 

Martin Van Buren 2008-S PR69 DCAM
Martin Van Buren Presidential coins 2008-S (the "S" means that the coin originated in San Francisco).  These particular coins are great for the novice collector.  They're inexpensive, they're beautiful, and they're graded, so they come in sealed hard plastic sleeves directly from the coin grader.  They are proof coins, meaning they have a mirror-like finish.  From what I understand, several presidents are being represented on coins each year in this series.  Ha ha, the Martin Van Buren coin reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer had a run in with the Van Buren street gang.

Peace Dollars!  These coins that I have listed consist of 90%silver, 10% Copper.  From the wear on these particular ones I have for sale, they appear to have been circulated.

Did you know that cleaning a coin can devalue it?  If you think you may have a collectible coin, it's recommended that you don't clean it because even the safest cleaning methods may damage your coin to some degree, decreasing its value.

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