Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Want To Follow You Back!

Hello to all followers on my blog!  If you have a blog yourself, and if I'm not following you already, please leave your links in the comment section of this post!  I'd like to check out your pages, too, but sometimes I can't get to them my just clicking on your icon (I'm not sure why - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!)  If you're not sure if I'm following you or not, leave your links anyway, just in case!  :)

Thank you for following my blog!



Denise Ruby said...

hello...thanks for following my blog! I totally get what you mean about it being hard to follow your followers back just by clicking on their icon! it took me a while to figure it out but i'm following you now, too.

p.s. nice blog!

~ http://denisedoescouture.blogspot.com/

amazey said...


Here I am!!!

Alison said...

Thanks! I am following you both! :)

LuckySparrowJewelry said...

Hi! I just followed your blog wont you come check mine out too?



Alison said...

Hi Shannon - thanks for following...I'm now following you, too! Love your creations!

Michelle said...

hello! I am currently following your wonderful blog! please check mine out! www.jubileition.blogspot.com

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Good point -- I find that too, assuming if I click on an icon, it will take me to a someone's blog but it doesn't! So much quirkiness out here...fun visiting your blog! Good night!