Monday, February 7, 2011

Selling Yarn, Selling Land...

So much going on right now...I've taken over trying to sell some land that we've had on the market for almost 4 years.  We REALLY want to sell this land.  We worked with some great Realtors over the last few years, but since I'm working from home now, we decided that there's no reason why I can't work on selling the land myself for a while and see what happens.

It's pretty overwhelming with all the options out there for advertising (all options that cost money!)...but as of right now, we have a website, have placed an ad in the local paper/Internet site, and are on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. My neighbor owns a website that links military people up who are buying and selling their homes, and he's going to allow me to advertise on his site for free, which is great...we have a few military bases nearby that our land listing will be exposed to...who knows, maybe there's some retiring officer ready to settle onto some acreage out in the country. I'm also searching for a good way to get onto the local MLS...there are several sites that offer the service for a fairly reasonable fee - I just need to decide which one is best.

So, all of this in addition to my yarn business is keeping me very busy! If we can sell this land, I can finally get my new patio and my husband can have a nice shed built!!!

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Shoutor said...

Facebook @Market Place does it really increase your sales, and if it does by how much. Because I never had any luck with their site.