Thursday, March 31, 2011

Today's Featured Zibbet Store: POP Embroidery

On Zibbet
Embroidered wedding and baby gifts...key fobs...key straps...custom embroidery...

Keep your keys safe, close and convenient with the ORIGNAL KEY STRAP at POP Embroidery on Zibbet!  Key strap hooks right onto a belt loop, purse handle, backpack or anything!

Keep 'em where you can reach 'em!

Ladies - no more wasting valuable time digging around the bottoms of your purses for your keys!  And men, I know it can't be all that comfortable walking around with all those keys stuffed into your pockets!  Your perfect solution, the Key Strap, awaits you!

Key fobs, as shown (upper left), are also available at POP Embroidery!  They're attractive AND they're easy to feel for when you're searching for them!

Have them custom made with your initials or name for a very low fee!  (Mini key strap not included)

But it's not just about keys at POP Embroidery!

This fabulous shop also offers beautiful embroidered wedding and baby gifts that can be customized with names and monograms!

Seamstresses - there is also monogramming available for your projects, such as purses, aprons, diaper bags and more.
(Contact POP Embroidery for details...)

There's a ton of great stuff to see - check it out!

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PaperOnParade said...

WOW! Thank you so much for featuring my shop! It is truly appreciated!!!