Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Really Depend on Electricity.

Wow, 18 hours without power here and I felt so out-of-sorts! We had a snow/ice storm last night and it knocked the power out around 8PM. My heavy down blanket got me through the night okay - in fact, it was a little TOO warm! This morning as my husband was snow-blowing the driveway (actually, ice-blowing, lol), I was shoveling snow into a bunch of coolers to save our refrigerated foods...not bad...all we lost was the ice cream (well, I won't touch it, but now that it's re-frozen, hubby wants to give it a shot - ew - go right ahead there!)

I learned a few things about myself today...I learned that I am addicted to coffee...I got the worst headache when I couldn't have a cup! I learned that soup for breakfast suits me just fine (luckily, I could light the gas stove with a match and soup is warmer than cereal). I learned that I could never live without my iPad (even though Internet access was spotty, it allowed me to contact customers about orders). And I learned that when I can't wash my hair, I'm willing to run all over town in an ugly oversized black ski cap!

The power finally came back on. I am now stocked with instant coffee, just in case...and I am SO appreciative of heat and light. It's amazing how less than a day without it can make you so thankful for it. Frankly, I don't know how the pioneers did it! LOL!

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