Monday, January 3, 2011

Pushing eBay items today...CLICK HERE

After the eBay post-Christmas doldrums, I'm listing at least 100 items this week.  I have 74 to go, yikes - I better get moving on it!

I have some Simply Vera Wang jewelry up for auction, such as this bracelet/earring set

Also, the auction for these Simply Vera Earrings is ending today:

It was exhausting working on my eBay auctions throughout the holidays.  When you work from home, you're pretty much on-duty 24 hours a day (at least I am).  But for me, it's worth  hourly pay stinks, but being my own boss suits me.

I'll be listing some additional items on Etsy today, too - often I purchase yarn and beads in bulk, so sometimes you'll see similar listings on my eBay page and in my Etsy store.  And I'm getting a bunch of yarn in this week, so I will be a busy lady!

Have a wonderful day!

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