Friday, January 28, 2011

Where You Can Find Me and My Yarns

I've acquired quite a list of URL's...

1. Facebook. That's my hub right now, where you can get to all of my stores and networking sites. Fan me, leave your link on my wall, and I'll fan you back! It's a great place to network with other sellers!

2. Twitter. I've just started Tweeting recently...and I post new items or eBay auctions that are about to end. I retweet when people promote an item I find especially beautiful or interesting.

3. eBay. Most of the yarns I sell will show up on eBay at some point. I start my auctions off at the lowest prices there - sometimes you can get some great deals if you feel like going through the auction process! I also sell beads, other craft supplies and name brand jewelry on eBay...and more.

4. Etsy. I've been selling on Etsy since 2007 and there you'll find a selection of yarns as well as some crocheted items (scarves, fingerless gloves). No waiting for an auction to end...just buy it on the spot!

5. Zibbet. I'm new to Zibbet and I have a different name there, "YarnPal." Right now it's yarn only at YarnPal. You'll find my yarns at a slightly better price on Zibbet thank Etsy since there are no listing or final value fees for me to pay!

6. Zibbet Community Page. This is where I'll be networking with other Zibbet members.

7. Blogspot... :) Always looking for new blogs to follow and for new followers!

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