Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So Sad My Yarn Order Didn't Come In :(

Oh, bummer.  I was expecting a UPS delivery yesterday evening with a bunch of new yarns I was all pumped up to list and the shipment was delayed, probably due to the dusting of snow we got yesterday.  I had made the UPS guy some cookies and everything, since we missed him during the holidays.  Around Christmas, we had no idea when he'd be showing up, but now that I'm placing merchandise orders again and tracking them, I was all ready for him yesterday!  Oh, well, I'm sure it was messy out and he probably got behind on his route.  Delivery is expected today, "end of day."  (Seems that everywhere I live, we're always  the LAST stop on the UPS route!!!)

This morning on eBay - ending soon - semi-precious gemstone beads! Two 7-inch strands of rounds starting at $1.50+shipping!

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