Sunday, January 2, 2011

Yarn and Beads For Your Crafting AlisonDesigns

Happy New Year from AlisonDesigns!

Looks like it's been a few years since I've been here!  Well, here's what's been happening...

I was selling handmade jewelry and crochet items on Etsy after I burned out of a 12-year career in wine sales.  I enjoyed the crafty aspect of it, but to be honest, I was putting a lot of time and money into it for very little return.  That was fine for a while, but let's face it, I'm not the most artistic person in the world.  You give me a crochet needle and yarn, and I can crochet anything as long as you provide me with a pattern!  But creating my own stuff???  It just didn't work out so well, and I could only make so many dish cloths and scarves before I had had it!

I became very antsy and desperately wanted to get a regular 9 to 5 job again, but not in sales!  So I became a dental assistant.  I went to a school, graduated at the top of my class, met a lot of neat people, and found that I could retain any information about the human mouth that was thrown at me, lol.  Apparently, I really have a knack for dental knowledge.  Too bad I didn't realize that when I was 18 and trying to decide what to do with my life.  :)  Hindsight and all.  Well, anyway, I worked as a dental assistant for 2 years - I enjoyed the work, but after my husband and I weighed the benefits vs. my take home pay, we decided that me being at home would be more valuable to us than what I was getting out of my job.  So this past April, I turned in my notice.

Being home again, and quickly becoming antsy AGAIN led me to sell household stuff on eBay, then unused craft supplies from my own stash, and I loved it so much that I now go in search of deals on craft supplies (primarily yarn and beads) and sell them for great prices on both eBay and Etsy!  I think I've found my niche.  I'm a yarn fanatic and I love crocheting...just because my imagination is limited when it comes to artistic creations doesn't mean I can't still be involved...and if my "thing" is to be more of a supply-guy, well then so be it. 

Of course, I'll still work on small projects to sell, like my fingerless gloves (using my own patterns) and macrame those will be posted in my store from time to time...

Here is where you can find me:  (please drop by and "like" my Facebook Fan page - once I reach 100 fans, I can shorten that hideously long URL!!!)

And of course you can find me on this blog...I'll try not to take 3 years to get back here!  Happy New Year!

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