Monday, January 24, 2011

Now on Zibbet - YARNPAL!

I have officially opened a new store on Zibbet, where I'll sell just yarn!  I'm under a different name there, which could make things confusing and irritating, lol...but I didn't feel that my Etsy name, AlisonDesigns, was an appropriate name for this store because I'm not designing anything!  I started as AlisonDesigns on Etsy because I was selling my own handmade jewelry and crochet items.  But four years later, I'm focusing more on supplies and AlisonDesigns just doesn't make any sense.  I can't change my Etsy name unless I open a new store, but then I lose all my feedback, and I am not far enough along in this venture to sacrifice that feedback.  Plus, I still make crocheted items to sell there.  So now on Zibbet, you can find my selection of yarns under the shop name,  "YarnPal."  I can't stand having so many different names out there (I'm "atruslow" on eBay, a name I picked years ago when I bid on my first auction ever - not ready to change that name yet either because I sell a variety of things in addition to yarn on eBay).  I sell beads also on both Etsy and eBay, but YarnPal will carry primarily yarn and possibly knitting and crocheting supplies.  Once I figure out where I'm going with this venture, I will work on making my store names more relevant and consistent!  :)

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